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Footsteps in Time Series

Artists Concept

This sculptural concept was designed to reflect the ambience of St.George’s Terrace Perth WA and the sense of ‘busy business’ that comprises the ethos of Perth CBD and St.Martin’s Centre, in particular, as the ‘hub’ of these activities. It is intended as light-weight, amusing, artwork, yet functions on a strong symbolic level to emphasise both the history and contemporary relevance of the setting; St. Martin’s Centre, which stands at the heart of this city.


Although expressed in a figurative mode, this concept is a metaphorical historical comment on the ‘ Businessman on the Terrace’, as he moves through time and space, but, in exactly the same place.


‘He’, is essentially the same ‘man’, striding purposefully through the new St. Martin’s forecourt in an endless repeat of yesterdays. These are the men who have left their ‘shadows’ on St George’s Terrace; the people who have built this CBD through their endeavours over the years and in whose footprints we now walk. The fact that this place was the actual site of the first Western Australian businessman's club gives this concept it’s focal point and authenticity.


' Footstpes in Time ' Comprising of 5 No. over life- size bronze figurative sculptures approximately 1.2 meters high (7 Feet), Each sculpture is cast in Fine Art Ingot Silicon Bronze to the highest possible standard of detail. The sculptures are freestanding and include all necessary bracing and Anchor plates for installation to Engineers’ detail.


Starting with the basic theme of the physical occupation of the urban area from European Settlement, we have developed a series of figures, representing the various historical periods since 1697, when Willem de Vlamingh, the Dutch Explorer entered the Swan River, to the present day. These take the form of:


Figure No One: Represents 'The Dutch first arrival’ who mapped the coast of W.A. dressed in 1697 costume, which was actually the fore-runner of the business suit worn today, complete with jacket, waistcoat, and cravat/'tie’, carrying his scrolled map and the sword without which no well dressed businessman would be seen in the 17° Century..


Figure No Two: Represents 'The 18th Century ' Gentleman with his top hat and portmanteau; tailcoat. waistcoat, cravat/tie and ‘spats’.


Figure No Three: Represents 'The 19th Century ' bowler-hatted gentleman, with his tight tweed suit, gaiters, proper ‘tie’ and wing collar, carrying a Gladstone bag.


Figure No Four: Represents 'The 20th Century' and is symbolised by the quintessential post Word War II figure wearing the business suit that is the classic image, still the basis of today’s attire, but more formal, with a mandatory ‘soft’ hat, and rather bulky, pre- digital technology briefcase.


Figure No Five: Represents ' The 21st Century' businessman who lightens his load with the removal of the hat, carries only his ‘Laptop’ and the ubiquitous mobile phone, which has become the defining symbol of the contemporary St. George's Terrace man.


All are linked by their common bond in an endless chain of endeavour. In exactly the same ‘pose’, they stride purposefully through St. Martin’s Centre Forecourt, towards the main entrance, as if hurrying for a business appointment with the same air of confident determination. The concept of ' Footsteps in Time ' is in effect, a representation of the historical layers built up over time, embodying the energy expressed by the human endeavour which made this cit the dynamic centre of the West




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