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St Martins Centre Sculpture Series

Footsteps in Time

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'Footsteps in Time '

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'Lift Lobby Mural '


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' Passages of Time '

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' St. George's Terrace Heritage Screen'

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The purpose of this entire concept is to express the dynamic life-force and symbolise the significance of St.Martins Centre in this 175 Anniversary of the Foundation of Western Australia. It can therefore take its place as part of its celebration


The St. Martins’ Artworks Project is essentially a conceptual artwork expressed in various forms and media from the overlife size bronze figures in the Forecourt to the hi-tech design elements in the lift lobby, atrium and east elevation screens, while having at it’s core the ethos of St.Martins as a central focal point, a dynamic hub at the centre of Perth CBD.


The inspiration and foundation for the project is the fact that the first Businessman’s Club in WA was founded on this site. Drawing on this basis, the design flows through time as expressed in the architecture of the City through layers of stone and history.




One first becomes aware of the concept in the St Martin’s Forecourt through which strides a series of five over-life size bronze figures called 'Foot Steps In Time'. These are literally sculptures of Businessmen in ‘ Time’ who have moved through this space since the foundation of the modern City of Perth. These bronze sculptures are in fact all based on the same man i.e. the quintessential St Georges Tce Businessman ‘ (‘ The Man on the Terrace ‘ ), as they literally wind their way through history, while building through their efforts their dynamic this place of business.- St Martins


Lift-Lobby Mural


This is the beginning of a journey through time and space, taking one forward into the Lobby where the Lift Lobby Copper Murals shimmer and reflect the life and times of Perth through five successive time periods. These are expressed in cut-out copper.


St. George's Terrace Heritage Screen


From the Lift Lobby one is led up through the layers of the building. Exiting the lifts at the different floors of the building, one becomes conscious in looking out from various view points, of the flow of history on this site, through the images viewed on the St. George's Terrace Heritage n. 30m Long x 12 m High steel screen is yet another exploration of the historical theme of the’ development of Perth itself. This is formed in cut-out steel silhouettes based on the idea of ‘vignettes’ or snap-shots in history inspired by the cinema which occupied, for many years , the original space of this area,


Passages of Time


Again moving through the lifts, as one exits on different levels, one is always aware of the Atrium Mural which soars Virtually through the building. This final part of the concept is a synthesis of the activity of the contemporary inhabitants of St.Martins Tower, expressing the concept of Networking in a intense visual interplay of modern stylized imagery.






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