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The Heritage Circle

Artists Concept


The Heritage Circle serves as a poignant destination that appeals to both art enthusiasts and history buffs. Within its bounds, you'll encounter the remarkable works of esteemed local sculptors Charles Smith and Joan Walsh-Smith, whose creations have left their mark not only in their homeland but also as far-reaching as Ireland, China, and throughout Australia.

This captivating enclave offers a snapshot of the bygone era, shedding light on the lives of British settlers and the Noongar people in the early days of Victoria Park. Adorned with a series of tablets, it vividly portrays various scenes, including Sport and Recreation, Architecture and Transport. At its heart lies a central map that delineates the ancestral lands of the local Indigenous people.

The Heritage Circle presents a compelling juxtaposition of two distinct cultures that coexisted during the nascent stages of the Swan River Colony. It stands as a picturesque oasis where visitors can unwind and reflect within the serene confines of GO Edwards Park.






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